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Challenge Kit Or 1 Case of Neon on Autoship


Who purchase a Challenge Kit or Neon of equal or greater value than your autoship, Earn 3FF Points


Your Kit or Neon is FREE Next Month!

Get your favorite Kit or
Case of Neon For FREE

With VI, you can always Refer 3, Get your Next Month Free, by enrolling at least 3 personal Customers on a Challenge Kit or a Case of Neon of equal or greater value to your own.

Now, with 3 for Free Points, you can earn Points that can be used towards getting your order for Free, buying additional Vi products and samples, or simply as a discount on your existing auto ship


More NEON Points

Earn points for more than one case of Neon here’s how:


Have at least 2-5 Cases of Neon on Autoship.

3 Friends

Who purchase Neon of equal or greater value than your autoship, Earn 3FF Points.

3 For FREE Policies

  • You must have a personal Challenge Kit or Neon on autoship to earn your 3 for Free Points each month.
  • You must have at least 3 personally enrolled Customers in a month for the opportunity to earn points to be used the next month.
  • Only Neon Customers will count towards volume for additional (2 to 5) cases of Neon. If a customer counted towards volume for a case of Neon or a Challenge Kit, the customer cannot be used towards additional cases of Neon.
  • Qualification for your Challenge Kit or Neon Points can be earned based on Customers’ Challenge Kit or Neon purchases only.
  • If you are a Customer, qualification for your free Kit or Neon/Points earned is based on the volume of your personally enrolled Customers. Customers referred by other Customers do not count toward your free Kit or Neon.
  • If you are a Promoter, Customers referred by other Customers DO count toward your free Kit or Neon/Points, provided that Customer’s Kit or Neon is not already triggering a free Kit or Neon/Points. Whether it triggers your Free Kit or Neon/Points or a Free Kit or Neon/Points for one of your Customers, a Customer referred by a Customer can only count towards 1 person’s Free Kit or Neon/Points.
  • The Kit or Neon volume of a personally enrolled Customer who gets his/her Kit or Neon for free by referring their own customers WILL count towards your free Kit or Neon qualification and Points earned.
  • When a Customer upgrades to become a Promoter, their Customers (as well as their Customers’ Customers) will follow them and count toward that Promoter’s free Kit or Neon qualification.
  • 3 for Free Points earned may be applied to your personal autoship, towards product samples, or towards many other a la carte Vi products. 3 for Free Points may not be applied to Promoter Systems, or Vi Store purchases.
  • You must select how you wish to apply your points to receive your Kit or Neon and/or products, if making a change to your autoship please ensure to select the correct payment method. Free Kits or Neons will not be sent automatically.
  • 3 for Free Points are earned based on the value of the Challenge Kit or Neon that you qualify to earn for free, even if the of the Kit or Neon value is less than the value of your personal Challenge Kit or Neon. You may only earn 3 for Free Points up to the value of your personal Challenge Kit or Neon each month.
  • Program is limited to a maximum of 10 Challenge Kits or Neon per household shipping address monthly.
  • Points are non transferable and will be forfeited if a Promoter/Customer cancels their account. Points expire 12 months from the date they are earned.