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Visalus: Just The Facts


2010 - Early Momentum began in 2010 when ViSalus averaged 17% month-over-month growth! Based on 2010 growth, ViSalus was the recipient of the Direct Selling News Turnaround Award View: Here
Watch CMO Blake Mallen talk about 2010 growth: Here

2011 - ViSalus' sales skyrocketed, going from $34 million in 2010 to $230 million in 2011 (net sales). Averaging nearly 20% month-over-month growth, ViSalus received the Direct Selling News Industry Growth Award.

  • Watch CMO Blake Mallen talk about 2011 Growth:  Here
  • Watch ViSalus Founders receive the Industry Growth Award: Here

2012 - ViSalus momentum continues record-breaking first quarter sales


Check out these quick resources to learn more about ViSalus:

  • Call the Vi-Line (507) 726-3700
  • Explore
  • Watch this 20-minute Overview Presentation: Here

Recent Press

  • Awarded Direct Selling News Growth Award for 2011 for going from $34 million in sales in 2010 to $230 million in sales in 2011.
  • Featured on cover of SUCCESS from Home magazine September 2010, September 2011 and coming again September 2012!
  • Launched its own magazine, The Challenge, in January 2012
  • Set a record for the World’s Largest Simultaneous Flash Mob with actorAlfonso Ribeiro. Phenomenon was covered by media outlets including TMZ, Washington Post, Fox, ABC, Univision,,, Huffington Post, Gawker and countless more. Check out the video!

Check out the video!

Social Buzz

Connect with ViSalus: See what real people are saying about ViSalus right now: facebook twitter youtube 

Meet The Founders

Ryan Blair, CEO
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Blake Mallen, CMO
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Nick Sarnicola, Global Ambassador/Field Leader
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Watch the Founders tell the ViSalus Story of how it all began


To impact Life, Health and Prosperity around the world.

  • LIFE. A community, building quality relationships and creating memorable experiences.
  • HEALTH. A platform, combining the right products, programs and support for lasting personal transformation.
  • PROSPERITY. A path, delivering freedom and financial independence through the value we bring to others, while doing our part to give back.

Watch the Founders explain the ViSalus Mission Here
Read the Founding ViSalus Constitution Here
Learn more about the mission Here


ViSalus is more of a COMMUNITY than a company. It’s a LIFESTYLE. It radiates a cool and edgy MAINSTREAM vibe. It’s fueled by youthful ENERGY and genuine PASSION, attractive to both the young and young at heart. It’s a WORK HARD, PLAY HARD mentality. It’s FUN! From top down, people are refreshingly TRANSPARENT and living AUTHENTICALLY. Everyone is very REAL.

ViSalus champions ENTREPRENEURSHIP and believes in SIMPLICITY. It stands for QUALITY and does not settle in SERVICE. ViSalus is the INNOVATOR, the CATEGORY DISRUPTER, not another “knock off.” With ViSalus, RESULTS speak for themselves. A place where everyone FEELS WELCOME, can grow as a person, is a part of something much BIGGER THAN THEMSELVES!


Vi Values

1. Be inspired. Be inspiring.
2. Build trust through collaboration.
3. Be a good teacher and a better student.
4. Think like an entrepreneur; be resourceful.
5. Challenge yourself.
6. Seek simplicity.

Learn more about the Vi Values: Video
Read this article from Blake Mallen in Direct Selling News on ViSalus Culture: Here

Executive Leadership

ViSalus has attracted documented leadership across many industries to support the growth of the company and is proud to be a part of the Blyth family.

Paul Noack, President
Janice Jackson, Chief Brand Officer
Aldo Moreno, Chief Technology Officer
John Tolmie, Sr. Vice President, Finance & Administration
Audrey Sommerfeld, Senior Vice President, Global Product Management R&D
Anthony Bell, General Counsel

Other Board Members
Robert B. Goergen, Sr.
Robert B. Goergen, Jr.
Todd A. Goergen

A Blyth Company (NYSE: BTH)

The Science

ViSalus employs a talented team of medical experts, nutritionists, food scientists, microbiologists, formulators, chemists, engineers, testing agencies, sensory experts and other scientists all supporting ViSalus products. Here are a few:

Dr. Michael Seidman, MD FACS
Dr. Steven Witherly, Ph.D.
Robbi Fernandez
James Montgomery
Jerry Pando, Ph.D.

The Body by Vi Challenge

The #1 weight-loss and fitness platform in North America. The Challengedelivers the tools you need to meet your health goals for 90 days at a time.

How it Works:
SET a personal weight loss or fitness goal.
SELECT 1 of the 5 convenient Body by Vi™ Challenge Kits.
SHARE your results and enter to win!

Prizes: ViSalus gives away over $25 Million in free products, prizes and vacations every year across 6 categories: Best Transformation for Male, Female, Couple, Team, Family and even one winner drawn at random from all Challenge entries.

More Details Here

Mainstream Appeal: The Challenge is designed for people looking to improve their health, lose weight and/or get fit. Currently 66% of the U.S. is overweight and over 30% are clinically obese.
2009 Obesity Report: Here

The simplicity of the 90-Day Challenge program yields better results and higher retention than competitors’ programs. It also appeals to cost-conscious consumers, since replacing shakes for a meal saves customers money on grocery and restaurant bills.

Watch Founder Blake Mallen talk about the ViSalus Secret (and its mainstream appeal!) Here
View Results and Success Stories: Here
Body By Vi FAQs: Here

*ViSalus products recommended, but not required
*2011 wholesale value of free kits = $14.2 M
*January-May 31,2012 wholesale value of free kits = $18.8 M

Challenge Kits and Products

ViSalus has over 22 product SKUs with 4 patent applications and isparticipating in ongoing product development. Our exclusive, patentedproducts are backed by real science and impressive success stories.

The Challenge Kits
ViSalus offers five convenient Challenge Kits, all delivering effective products at a discounted price, customized to help Challengers meet their weight loss and fitness goals.

Balance Kit
Your key to nutritonal balance
Shape Kit
Kick-start your road to weight loss and help build lean muscle
Core Kit
Nutrition for daily life, and support for your active lifesstyle
Transformation KitFor maximum weight loss results using ViSalus products
Fit Kit
Take your fitness performance to the next level

Additional information about The Challenge Kits: Here

Individual Products:

For specific product details: Here
View Vi-Shape Shake Recipes Recipes

"3 for free"

Disappearing Auto-Ship! "The Holy Grail of Direct Sales"

  • ViSalus is the innovator of the viral "Refer 3, get your next month FREE!" Customer campaign that removes objections and boosts retention.
  • Both Customers and Promoters can refer 3 other Customers and get their Challenge Kit for FREE every month.
  • Campaign removes barrier of entry and reduces reasons for quitting.
  • Designed to exceed standard indusry retention rates.
  • Promotion has lead to the average product revenue generated per Promoter to be over $400/month!
  • Fills network with real Customers, which increases longevity, stability and residual income.
  • More than half of ViSalus’ commissionable sales are made to its Customers, and the company’s Customer-to-Promoter ratio is in excess of four-to-one.
  • Learn more at

*Special conditions apply in Canada

Promoting the Challenge

The Body by Vi Challenge grows exclusively through word of mouth. Generally, people who start The Challenge love their results and end up telling others (or others notice the results and ask!). ViSalus fuels this organic growth with lucrative rewards and incentives for those who want to actively promote The Challenge.
Watch this!


  • Earn up to 25% on all Customers you refer, including the Customers whom they refer!
  • Earn 5% on the Customers of the Promoters you refer through 8 compressed levels.
  • True percentages (no funny math!).
  • Infinity-style payout at the Ambassador Rank.
  • Rising Star Program allows for new Promoters to earn in a 2% Revenue Pool!
  • Leadership Ranks earn in an additional 2% Revenue Pool!
  • Paid weekly. All orders in by Thursday are paid on Monday!
  • No cap on width or depth or income.
  • ViSalus™ Prosperity Card and Direct Deposit options (Real-Time Commissions!).

Bimmer Fever! The ViSalus Bimmer Club!

  • The most realistically achievable car incentive program in the industry!
  • Over 10,000 people have already qualified for a ViSalus BMW! Somebody new qualifies every 40 minutes!
  • Only need $12,500 in group volume within your network (Regional Director) to qualify for $600 ViSalus BMW Bonus! (Or $300 cash option). Paid Weekly.
  • Concierge service to help you select your car and have it delivered right to your driveway.
  • Learn More Here


  • ViSalus offers all-expense paid retreats and vacations when certain milestones are achieved, such as the ND Experience, PD Paradise and 5-Star Ambassador Retreat!


  • The Super Star Bonus Promotion allows Promoters to earn an additional $25,000 Bonus at Ambassador,$100,000 Bonus at 3-Star Ambassador, $250,000 Bonus at 5-Star Ambassador, $500,000 Bonus at Royal Ambassador, $1,000,000 Bonus at Crown Ambassador, company-paid Black American Express Card at Global Ambassador.
  • Overview of Rewards and Incentives Here
  • View Founder, Blake Mallen, explain his Top Ten Reasons Networking Leaders Love the ViSalus Compensation Plan Here
  • View Founder, Blake Mallen, explain the Promoter’s Path to Prosperity (on a NAPKIN!) Here
  • View Entire Compensation Video Breakdown and Manual:

Promoters You may Recognize

So who’s really up for The Challenge? Pretty much everyone!
Hulk Hogan Saves Blake Mallen's Life at Body by Vi Challenge Event! Here

Technology and Innovation

ViSalus is on the bleeding edge of technology, a testament to its longstanding promise to never stop innovating. Here are some examples:

  • First to converge social networking and network marketing with the launch of the Vi-Net Platform in 2007.
  • As featured in Network Marketing Business Journal here
  • Social Media
  • Early adopter in teaching Promoters how to leverage social media tools which has lead to the massive online engagement seen in the ViSalus Community today.
  • Check out some ViSalus Facebook Apps
    • Recipes App: Here
    • Promoter Tab – Turn your Facebook Profile into a marketing site: Learn More
    • Group Offers: More
    • View the “Facebook Factor” article featured inSUCCESS From Home magazine in September 2010.
  • Mobile Applications
  • ViSalus was one of the first to empower its Community withall of the tools to manage a business on the go with the launch of Vi-Net Mobile in early 2011.
  • Since then, ViSalus has taken its mobile strategy into the consumer space with the launch of Challenge Mobile. Learn More
  • Mobile Commerce
  • ViSalus has now taken enrollment on the go to a whole new level with the launch of its proprietary Credit Card Swiper that integrates with the Vi-Net Mobile App! Learn More
  • View Press Release Here
  • Group Offers
  • ViSalus has linked the power of online, mobile and social to create a “Groupon- like” buying frenzy around its special group offer technology.

Training And Events

Unified training and event system across the entire company where Promoters can not only learn what they need to learn, but also do it at their own pace!

Getting Started Training!
Learn how to promote The Challenge in 5 simple steps Here

Local Events take place monthly in most U.S. and Canadian Cities. View ViSalus Events
Regional Event Tour happens 3 times a year
National Events occur 3 times a year, with the annual Vitality Celebration over the summer.


Giving Back

ViSalus matches every shake meal donated through its Body by Vi Community Challenge.

To date, over 1 million meals have been donated to children and families in need.


Learn More About the Body by Vi Community Challenge