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Founders' equity
Incentive plan


Own Your Legacy

The Vi Co-Founders often maintain that “equity” is the most valuable asset one can have in business. So in 2015, we celebrated our 10th year by offering leading Promoters an opportunity to earn from a special Founders’ Equity Incentive Plan and share in the company’s future success together.

The Founders' Equity Incentive Plan provides Promoters with an ownership opportunity equivalent to 6% of the company, awarded over two years - 3% allocated in 2015, and 3% allocated in 2016. The plan is shared among four equity groups, based on your Paid Rank each month.

Own your legacy. Create greatness not just for today, but for your future. By personally reaching and maintaining leadership ranks of National Director and above, then helping your personally enrolled team do the same, you’ll earn equity in the plan and be able to proudly call yourself a Vi Equity Holder.

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Earn Shares in the Plan Every Month

You can earn shares three different ways:


Personal Rank Advancement

Earn Shares by achieving a rank of ND or above. The higher the ranks you achieve, the more shares you can earn.


Team Rank Advancement

Earn shares by helping your team achieve new ranks of ND or above. (Enroller tree, up to your Paid Rank). The higher the rank you help them achieve, the more shares you can earn.


Maintain Rank Qualifications

Earn shares when you and your team maintain ranks of ND or above.

Qualification Criteria


To earn shares for a given month, you must: have purchased or upgraded to an Executive Promoter System, maintained a Paid Rank of ND or above and personally enrolled an Executive Promoter System in that month. Personally enrolled Promoters who upgrade to an Executive Promoter System will also count.


  • Be a community example of the Vi Values
  • Support company promotions, priorities and expansion
  • Demonstrate leadership in Vi training, calls, and events
  • Abide by the Policies & Procedures

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*ViSalus reserves the right to modify shares for past months in the case of rank adjustments made after a month’s commission has been paid. For example, this could result from product returns and/or charge backs that affect rank or purchases of Executive Promoter System qualifications.

"Buying back ViSalus was an immeasurable opportunity to optimize the company's value and impact… Now, being in a position to invite our leaders to share in our growth means the world."

- Vi Co-Founders