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new start 2014

The Project 10 Challenge is on
and We're Challenging the World — 10 LBS. at a time!

This means brand NEW bonus opportunities, NEW promotions, and 2nd CHANCES (3 of them!) to support your success in 2014.

A new pool of opportunity

new project 10 bonus pool!

We've added a new way to earn through the PROJECT 10 Challenge — the PROJECT 10 Bonus Pool!

For a limited time only, you can earn up to $200 per week just by helping personally enrolled Customers and Promoters achieve their PROJECT 10 goals.

Learn more about the Weekly Bonus Pools at pools.vi.com

3 for free

Take 2nd Chances in 2014 | This January you get 3!

Didn't make Rising Star in your first 30 days? Now's your chance! Make the most of THREE 2nd Chance opportunites in January —
Rising Star, 3 For FREE, and Waiting Room!

Earn 2nd Chance 3 for free

3 for free

Earn you Challenge kit for FREE this month and automatically qualify to earn in the weekly 3 For FREE Pool for life.**

Earn 2nd Chance Rising Star

rising star

Achieve Director for the first time, or help someone on your team do it, to start earning in the weekly Rising Star Pool*

*Must have a Challenge Kit on autoship to qualify.
**Must have an Executive Promoter System or upgrade to one.
***First 3 legs are defined as the 3 legs with the largest GQV as of December 2013. Only legs 4 and above are to be placed back in the waiting room. Promoter is eligible to move lines (legs) during January 2014 production month.