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How to host a Challenge Party


A Challenge Party is the best way to share the products, success stories and opportunity behind the Body by Vi Challenge from the comfort of your own home.

Plus, it’s the fastest way to help you: Earn Your Kit for Free
Become a Rising Star
Unlock the Lifetime Challenge Bonus!

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How to run your party

Before Video:

Step 1:
Set date & time (in your home)
Step 2:
Make sure all guests have seen your video/website
Step 3:
Have upbeat music playing
Step 4:
Lay out magazines, journals & promoter tools
Step 5:
Serve Shakes & Crunch with comparison chart

During Video:

Step 1:
Welcome and intro (3 min)
Step 2:
Press play (1st half of DVD)
Step 3:
Share Stories & Close Challenge Kit
Step 4:
Press play (2nd half of DVD)
Step 5:
Share stories & close Promoter Systems

After Video:

Step 1:
Ask if 1,2, or 3 and handout appropriate application
Step 2:
Sort the room
Step 3:
Press Play on Getting Started Training for "2's & 3's"
Step 4:
Complete GST Action Items
  • Shoot video
  • Go Public
  • Schedule Challenge Party
  • Follow up & Invite
  • Register for the Next Event

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