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Congratulations New Ambassador

By reaching the pinnacle position of Ambassador, you have truly established yourself as an elite Vi™ leader.
This day marks the start of lifetime rewards for you, from Ambassador Star Bonuses and pool participation to special events and call invitations reserved only for our elite tier of Vi Leaders. See below for all the rewards in store for you, plus your invitation to spend time with the Vi Founders in Los Angeles at the exclusive Ambassador Experience!


Upon reaching Ambassador, the financial rewards are taken to brand-new heights:

Your Ambassador rewards

The Ambassador Jacket The hallmark of a Vi Leader, your custom-tailored Ambassador Jacket is our gift to you. If you would like a second jacket for a significant other or business partner you will be able to purchase one at cost. Download the form to begin the process, or contact your Ambassador Laison at 877-VISALUS for any questions. Download Form
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See what our top Promoters have to say about promoting The Challenge:

Rhonda & Tony L.

Royal Ambassador
Nebraska, US

We're creating our own economy right now.

Jason O.

Global Ambassador
Ottawa, ON, Canada

We're out to completely change an industry. There's no company that has the growth, momentum, leadership and opportunity that we have.

Kyle P.

Crown Ambassador
Orlando, FL, US

œThere's an opportunity here where you can make a lot of money and can change your lifestyle in a big way.€

Stephanie & Kevin M.

5-Star Ambassador
Jacksonville, FL, US

€œI think that time, freedom and the ability to come and go as you want is just priceless. You can't put a dollar amount on it.