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Getting Started Training

7 Days To Rising Star

Your First Steps

Watch the video and complete the action steps below to learn how to get your Kit for FREE and become a Rising Star in the next 7 days.

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Challenge Goals

  • Make sure you have joined a Challenge Group
  • Set your PROJECT 10 goal to lose 10 lbs. or build 10 lbs. of muscle
  • Set your Body by Vi 90-Day Goal
  • Set your Vi-Life annual goal
PRO TIP: Download Challenge Mobile. Upload your official PROJECT 10 video, and post daily on your Challenge Timeline.

Action Steps

1. Set Your Schedule

  • Challenge Party 4-7 days from now
  • Challenge Hour 24-48 hours from now
PRO TIP: To learn how to run your Challenge Party, go to party.vi.com for details.

2. Accept The Challenge

Take a photo holding up a sign that says "CHALLENGE ACCEPTED"

Shoot a video and say: "I was just challenged by _____ to (lose weight/build muscle) with PROJECT 10. I accepted The Challenge, and now I need 3 people to do it with me."

PRO TIP: Add your upline into your picture or video whenever possible!

3. Challenge Others

Minimum 25 people

Need Help? memoryjogger.vi.com


I was just challenged by _____________________ to (lose weight / build muscle) with PROJECT 10. I accepted The Challenge, and now I need 3 people to do it with me.
I need you to look at this right away – (username).bodybyvi.com

*If you don’t have your website yet, use www.results.vi.com

  1. A) Facebook
  2. B) Text It Out
  3. C) Facebook
  4. D) In Person
PRO TIP: Fastest way to your BMW... be a ROCKSTAR challenger and challenge 150 people!

4. Follow Up & Invite

At least 25 people

CALL AND SAY: "Did you get a chance to see the link to that website I sent you about The Challenge I'm on?"

IF YES: "You really need to check this out." (Invite to your Challenge Party)

IF NO: "Ok no problem, I’m going to send it back to you -check it out and I'll call you back."

WHAT IS IT? "It's the #1 weight loss and fitness Challenge in the world that I'm doing – you have to check it out."
(Resend website)

IF THEY DON'T MAKE THE PARTY: Go to their house and show the Challenge Party Video or have them watch online.

IF THEY'RE OUT OF TOWN: Invite them to a local Challenge Party (events.vi.com) or send them to overview.vi.com to watch online.

FOR ALL QUESTIONS: "Great question! Get to my house on _______ and I’ll get all of the answers for you." or "Great question! Get to my house on _______ and the person who is helping me will be there to answer all of your questions."

PRO TIP: If someone is ready NOW, show them the presentation or sign them up NOW!

5. Enroll into VET (Vi Events and Training)

  • Watch Extended GST immediately @ gst.vi.com
  • Download Vi-Net Pro
  • Subscribe to VET Online @ vet.vi.com
  • Register for Upcoming Event @ events.vi.com
  • Speak to the person who introduced you to Vi to find out when the latest calls and webinars are taking place. Challenge Trainer Call:
 Pre-recorded line available every Friday 
0203 137 8961 | Vi-Line:
 24/7 Information 0203 137 8960

    Visit vet.vi.com
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Extended Getting Started Training

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