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Rising Star

Unlock a Lifetime of Rewards.

Rising Star Rewards

As a Vi Promoter, you get the unique opportunity to help transform the Life, Health, and Prosperity of others every day. For those Promoters who want to maximize their earning potential with Vi, becoming a Rising Star is an important milestone.

3 Ways to become a Rising Star

  • Achieve the rank of Director in your first 30 days as a Vi Promoter

  • OR

  • Have a minimum of 3 Personal Customers and 2,000 PQV in your first 30 days as a Vi Promoter

  • OR

  • Achieve either one of the above in any 2 consecutive production months

Access Special Rising Star Incentives

Rising Star Event Bonus

Grab some cash! After you achieve Rising Star, make sure you get to the next Vi National Event to collect your cash bonus!*

Rising Star Double Fast Start Bonus

Double up! Rising Stars can maximize their income and earn double the Fast Start Bonus on personally enrolled new Promoters.*

Vi Drive Luxury Car Club

Drive your dream car! Rising Stars are eligible for the Vi Drive Luxury Car Club bonus when they achieve the rank of Regional Director.*

Lifetime Challenge Bonus

Earn more for life! Take advantage of the Lifetime Challenge Bonus to earn more when you achieve Regional Director and help people become Rising Stars like you.*

Customer Retention Bonus

More rewards for supporting your Customers! Earn points when you help your team get their product for free with 3 for Free and maintain their Monthly Delivery orders.*

Special Promotions

Rising Stars are also often eligible for exclusive promotions throughout the year!*

* Bonus details at http://compplan.vi.com