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New Regional Director

Congratulations New Regional Director

By reaching the level of Regional Director, you have qualified to be a member of the exclusive Bimmer Club! You are eligible for a monthly car bonus of $600 to lease or buy your very own qualifying ViSalus-branded black, silver or green BMW.

Or, in lieu of a BMW, you are immediately eligible for monthly car bonus of $300, paid to you each month as long as you maintain the Regional Director rank.

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By simply promoting the Challenge, you too can experience the sheer joy of driving one of the sleekest, most advanced cars in the world.

Ready to join the Bimmer Club?

Congrats! You are just three steps away from securing your dream ride:

Step 1

Download and Read the Programme Guidelines Download

Step 2

Sign the Acknowledgement Page. Fax to 877.547.1570 or email info@vi.com

Step 3

Get Your BMW! Go to your local BMW dealer and find the car to suit you!

Note: If you decide to activate the $300 bonus in lieu of a BMW, no further action from you is needed from you at this time.

*In North America, ViSalustm Independent Promoters achieve incomes and lifestyles across a wide spectrum. Examples featured in marketing materials are not necessarily typical or average, nor do they represent a guarantee of your personal results. Some examples are those of persons within the top 1% of all Promoters. As with any lifestyle opportunity, financial success with ViSalus depends largely on individual skills, motivation and effort.

**In Canada, in 2011, the typical plan participant earned an average of $669 excluding free product and promotions.