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Vi Points are your key to unlocking Free Vi Products, Exclusive Vi Gear, and amazing Vi Life Experiences from our ViP Rewards Store. Maximize your rewards and earn Vi Points in the following ways:

  1. Refer Others to Vi

    Earn Vi Points when you enroll at least 3 Personal Customers. You can earn points up to the value of your Personal Kit plus a case of NEON, or up to 5 cases of NEON. Full details at 3forfree.vi.com

  2. Challenge Group Check-In

    Earn up to 10 Vi Points per week when you check into a qualifying Challenge Group during the Challenge Groups Check-In & Win Promotion. Details at checkin.challenge.com

  3. Participate in Special Offers & Promotions

    Follow Vi on social media and stay tuned for special offers and promotions, which often give you a chance to earn Vi Points! LINKS: Facebook. Instagram. Twitter.

With Vi, you can always Refer 3, Get your Next Month Free, by enrolling at least 3 Personal Customers on a Kit or with a case of NEON of equal or greater value to your own.

Now, with 3 for Free Points, you can earn Vi Points that can be used toward getting your order for free, buying additional Vi products and samples, or simply as a discount on your existing autoship.

Wait… Vi Points? What about my my 3 for Free / Free Product Points?

Vi Points are simply the new name! Any points you've earned from our 3 for Free Program, or Free Product Points from other promotions are all now called Vi Points. You'll continue to earn points the same ways as always and can redeem them for anything at the ViP Rewards Store.

When will I get my items?

Vi Product orders will ship right away. However, ViP Rewards Gear orders are exclusive, made-to-order items. Please allow 3-5 weeks for delivery of select items.

How do I redeem a Vi Life Experience?

Upon purchase of any Vi Life Experience, a Vi Team Member will reach out to thank you for your purchase and help schedule the details for your experience reward. If you have further questions, you can always call 1-248-764-7640.