Nutritional Support to Help Fight the Signs of Aging

Vi-pak® is an advanced nutritional support system designed to give the body nutrients that are often hard to get from diet alone. By providing the ideal blend of vitamins and other beneficial nutrients, Vi-pak helps to maintain the body’s natural energy production, immune system, healthy joints and heart while also providing anti-aging support.

Vi-pak includes:

  • Multi Mineral & Vitamin – a chelated blend of nutrients for maximum absorption.
  • Anti-Aging & Energy – a patented formula to help fight the signs of aging and support increased energy at the cellular level.
  • Omega Vitals – a proprietary, purified blend of essential oils to support heart health and every cell of your body.
  • Supercharged Antioxidant – a robust blend of over 20 antioxidants to help defend against free radicals (oxidative stress) brought on by stress, pollution and diet.

This unique blend of supplements, taken twice a day, provides the ultimate in nutritional support. Each box contains 30 AM and 30 PM packets for your convenience.

Nutritional Benefits

No Major Allergens
Vi-pak does not contain any ingredients that are major allergens.

No Iron
Iron is intentionally left out as it is a strong oxidant, and we want to provide powerful antioxidant activity. People, women included, who eat a relatively healthy diet, get more than enough iron in their diet. If the woman is of menstruating age and has anemia or is pregnant, then she should consult her doctor regarding the need for extra iron. Nonetheless, most menstruating women do not require extra iron.

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