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  • Fuel your weight-loss and fitness goals!

    Enjoy a Vi-Shape® Shake a day and a bowl of Vi Crunch™ Super Cereal a day for comprehensive yet simple nutrition.

  • Start your day the healthy way

    Crunch your way to good nutrition with a bowl of Vi Crunch™ Super Cereal each day and Vi Crunch™ Fusions for variety and added flavor.

  • Experience the delicious flavor of Vi-Shape® the shake mix that tastes like a cake mix.™ The nutritional powerhouse of every Body by Vitm Challenge Kit, Vi-Shape offers a filling and balanced meal designed to help you lose weight and support lean muscle and healthy energy.

  • Begin your journey to better overall health and well-being. Support your goal to feel your best.

  • Lose some here, build some there. Start re-shaping your body today. Accelerate your desired results.

  • Condition your body properly, from the inside out. Support your physical health and active lifestyle, and receive anti-aging benefits along the way.

  • The most comprehensive kit to help achieve maximum weight-loss results using ViSalus™ products. The Transformation Kit will support your healthy physical transformation.

  • Fuel your body for its ultimate performance with nutrients to support an active lifestyle and lean muscle mass. Rev up for high-octane lifestyle. GAME ON!

Challenge Kits

Get Healthy

Start your day the healthy way

Slim down, Shape up

Fuel your weight-loss and fitness goals.

Help Support Your Active Lifestyle.

Maximum Weight Loss

Athletic Performance



Vi Crunch

Add a burst of flavor

Vi Crunch Fusions

The shake mix that tastes like a cake mix


Bite-sized nutrition to help support your Challenge goals

Vi Bites

Mini Meal


Take Hold of Your Hunger


Awaken Your Metabolism!


Nutritional Support to Help Fight the Signs of Aging


Healthy Essential Oils for Head-to-Toe Omega Benefits

Omega Vitals

Fuel Your Body with Instant Energy and Support Peak Muscle Performance

Visalus Go

Fuel Your Day with Lasting Energy

Visalus Pro

Smart Energy—Mental Alertness and Acuity, and Physical Energy

Visalus Neuro

Help Defy the Signs of Aging

Vi Defy