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The Vi Drive Luxury Car Club puts YOU in the driver’s seat of the world’s finest automobiles. Vi Promoters who achieve and maintain the rank of Regional Director can start earning a monthly bonus from any of a number of Vi Drive dream cars!

What Drives You?

Get behind the wheel of any of the cars listed below to start earning your Vi Drive monthly car bonus!

Qualifying Cars


OR – any car with a current Kelly Blue Book value of $50,000 or more which meets the color (black), year (5 years old or newer), and branding guidelines. See Vi Drive 2016 Guidelines for full details

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$750 Monthly Car Bonus!

Earn up to $750 per month at Regional Director, or up to $1,500 per month at 3-Star Ambassador!

Drive your Dream Car!

Let Vi help you get behind the wheel of the world’s finest rides!

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Take the Wheel

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