As Promoters, you have helped make the Body by Vi Challenge the fastest growing weight loss and fitness movement in North America. Definitely something to be proud of!

However, even when you are #1, we all still run across potential Customers/Promoters that need a little extra something to really "Get it" like you do. Something that can get them to "See it"… to "TASTE IT!"

We’ve got your solution. Welcome Vi-Mail!
Vi-Mail combines the power of custom print, inventory management, direct mail, shipping and tracking into one simple automated system.

Taster Pack
With a few simple clicks, you can now send Prospects: a personalized Taster Pack, complete with branded envelope, customized personal message, audio CD explaining The Challenge, and a sample of the Vi-Shape Shake

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Info Pack
Or for potential Promoters, there’s the Info Pack – a branded mailer with SUCCESS From Home Magazine, Challenge Journal and everything included in the Taster Pack.

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Simply enter your contacts' information or send them to your very own FREE TRIAL landing page—and the Vi-Mail system will do the rest!
A Taster or Info pack will ship directly to your Prospect, and then notify you so you can follow up.

No more running out of personal sampling products. No more stuffing envelopes. No more weekly trips to the post office! This is sampling made simple.

How do I use the Vi-Mail system?

  • Step 1 - Buy Mailer Credits by visiting My Vi-Mail

    Once you log in, to get started select either Taster Pack (for Customer prospects) or Info Pack (for Promoter prospects)
    Taster Packs are 1 credit each.
    Info Packs are 2 credits each.

  • Step 2 - Select the contacts you wish to send to

    You can send personalized mailers by logging into the Vi-Mail System here. Use your My Vi Store Log in. You can also send generic mailers directly from your Vi-Net Contact Manager.

  • Step 3 - Follow up!

    The Vi-Mail system will let you know when the mailer is set to arrive. Be sure to call them right away and invite them to a Challenge Party.

Vi-Mail also features a personalized FREE TRIAL LANDING PAGE!

Get more social media followers, generate new leads AND automatically mail free samples…all from one page!

The Free Trial Landing Page completely automates the entire free Trial process.

  • A contact visits your website
  • Fills out their information
  • The system then sends them a free sample
  • Adds them to an email campaign
  • And then notifies you via SMS email of your new lead so you can follow up.

Try promoting your Free Trial site on your Facebook wall, or run it as part of an online ad campaign!


Step 1 - Buy Mailer Credits

Visit My Vi-Mail to add credits. Your Vi-Mail credits are automatically loaded up on your site. No set up required!
Step 2 - Link Social Media

Click here to add your personal social media accounts to your Vi-Net settings. This will automatically add your social media accounts to your Free Trial landing page.
Step 3 - Share Trial Page

Your Free Trial Landing page URL will be (username) Post on your favorite social network or share via email to get the word out!
Step 4 - Follow Up with Contacts

Use your Vi-Net Contact Manager to follow up with contacts and send trials to existing leads.