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Promoter Rewards

Live it, Love it, Promote it

The power of Vi is more than just the company behind The Challenge - it's about the vast Community within it. Vi Promoters are the most important component of our Community. Promoters transform the lives of others every day through the Body by Vi Challenge™, fostering better Life, Health and Prosperity around the world. We are proud to reward our Promoters with one of the most truly innovative rewards programmes in the world!


To help catapult you to early success, Vi has put together the Rising Star Program. Reach Rising Star in your first 30 days and unlock an exciting new level of rewards, including eligibility to earn from 1% of the company’s bonus volume in the Weekly Enroller's Pool.


Vi offers the most realistically achievable car incentive programme in the industry. Promoters can join the Bimmer Club, our car bonus programme, that covers the cost of a new black, silver or green BMW. Over 10,000 people have already qualified for a Vi Bimmer. Just one more benefit from the innovative Vi Rewards Programme.



New National Directors are invited to a special incentive trip. Keeping with Vi's work hard, play hard philosophy, this part-holiday/part-educational training is designed to energise and empower top Promoters as they continue on their path to Ambassador.

ND Experience


Upon reaching our pinnacle position of Ambassador, the financial rewards are taken to a new level.

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