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Where Challenge Goals Become a Lifestyle

Challenge Yourself. Get Healthy. Have FUN!

The secret of The Challenge has always been our community – people who love Vi products getting together to support each other in achieving their health goals. It’s how we’ve helped over 3 million people transform their lives with The Challenge. When we saw people throughout our community having great results by getting together in groups to support each other, get active, and have FUN, we knew that something special was ready to be shared with the rest of the Vi world.

Introducing Challenge Groups

A new way to experience The Challenge that will have everybody wanting to join the movement in 2015!

Losing weight (and keeping it off!) can be much more successful if you’re surrounded by others who have similar goals—Challenge goals. And whether you want to drop a few inches, build some muscle, or just live healthier in the day to day, why not have fun along the way?

It’s why Challenge Groups are so perfect. Think of them as a simple and supportive way to achieve your short-term goals—and turn them into long-term healthy habits.

Find a Challenge Group

What’s a Challenge Group?

It’s up to you. Maybe it’s to meet up weekly for weigh-ins or measurements, and share Vi products and tips. Or, it might have an activity—like walking or hiking, or cycling, bootcamps, even dancing. What you DO is all dependent on what you can ENJOY together. Challenge Groups are literally for everybody… and every body!

Why Attend a Challenge Group?

  • Improve your nutrition and create a healthy lifestyle
  • Receive health education and sample products
  • Stay on your Challenge longer
  • Get out and enjoy your favorite fitness activity
  • Better results through support and motivation
  • Build relationships and get recognised for your progress
  • Have A LOT OF FUN

Want to HOST a Challenge Group?

It’s a lot easier than you might think. And, it’ll help you transform lives.

Why Host a Challenge Group?

There are many benefits to Hosting a Challenge Group, but far and away the three most important are:

  • Consumption: Ensure that your Customers are using Vi products to support their health goals
  • Retention: The supportive environment of a Challenge Group helps your Customers and Promoters stay on The Challenge longer as they pursue their goals
  • Reproduction: Grow your Vi business by teaching Challenge Group participants who reach the rank of Director to run their own Challenge Groups

Host Playbook (Summary)Host Playbook (Detailed)

1. Starting Your Group

Decide what you will do for your Challenge Group. Name it, schedule it, share it, and then invite others. The key – keep it simple!

Post to Challenge.com

Reach out to others, and SAY:

SAY: "I joined The Challenge to (insert goal). So, a few of us are getting together to (describe Challenge Group). You should join us at (give location, date & time)."

2. Running Your Group

What to Have
  • Vi Products (Shake or Crunch, Cookie or Vi Bites)
  • Blender or Shaker Cup or Pre-made Shakes
  • Extra Samples (for giveaway or purchase)
  • Challenge Magazines, Brochures. Order today at www.thevistore.eu Vi Gear. Stock up today at www.thevistore.eu
  • Camera. Share pictures/videos using #vilife on your social channels

What to Do
Create an agenda that helps your participants get nutrition, education, support, recognition, and RESULTS. Here's a sample agenda:

  1. Welcome/Sign-in (optional donations)
  2. Serve Nutra Cookies, or Vi Bites
  3. Challenge Check-in (Goals, Updates, Weigh-ins, Measurements)
  4. Warm up / Activity (optional)
  5. Serve Shake or Crunch
  6. Recognise & Celebrate Victories
  7. Tip of the Week
  8. Recognise & Celebrate Victories
    Tip of the Week
    Wrap Up - Serve Vi Bites or Nutra Cookies to go

If First Time Customer -
Show how to use their Kit. Shoot Project 10 video, and take before photo & measurements.

If Prospect
Share stories & Marketing Tools. Enroll if interested, or invite to Challenge Party to learn more.

Stay Connected!
Post to your online Facebook/Meetup group a few times a week!

3. Growing Your Group

  • Invite new people to your group daily
  • Have members invite guests
  • Encourage group to post on social media
  • Advertise anywhere else you see fit
  • Have your group join the Market-Wide Challenge Group every month

4. Reproducing Other Groups

  • The ultimate goal is for your Group to reproduce other Groups
  • Have new Promoters attend your group to learn
  • When you break a Director, teach them how to start their own Group
  • Attend their first few Challenge Groups to help
  • Attend their Challenge Groups periodically to support


Achieving a healthy lifestyle is 80% nutrition + 20% exercise. Challenge Groups are the business model of Vi product distribution.

Learn from those who have already done it…

There are already thousands of Challenge Groups in the Vi Community. Learn how others are using their groups to introduce people to The Challenge while building their Vi business.