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Group Host Info for Summer Challenge 2015

Thanks for stepping up and hosting a Challenge Group! This April through August, thanks to the Summer Challenge, you and your Challenge Group participants can Check In & WIN!

As a Challenge Group Host, your role is important. Here’s everything you need to know to make sure you help as many people as possible earn Free Product Points this Summer.


  • You must be a Director High Rank or above
  • A group is considered a Challenge Group if at least the Host + 3 people check in within 3 hours of each other and are all in the same physical location
  • Every host and attendee must allow the mobile app to access date/time/geo-location information for purposes of determining Challenge Group qualification. If any information is missing, attendance will not count.
  • Make sure your Challenge Group is listed in the directory on groups.challenge.com so that people can find your group and check in when they arrive.


  1. Using your mobile device, or computer log onto checkin.challenge.com.
  2. Next, request a unique code. NOTE: Only do Step 3 once you’re physically at the Challenge Group location, right before your event begins.
    Here’s why: Your code will expire within 3 hours of the time it’s sent.
  3. Underneath “Are you a Host?” click “CREATE A CODE”
  4. Give this exact code to your guests as they arrive at your event. Instruct them to enter it first thing when they CHECK IN at checkin.challenge.com on their mobile device.



  • Want suggestions for your Challenge Group event? Click HERE.
  • All Challenge Group hosts AND attendees must check in within 3 hours of each other AND within 400 metres (1/4 mile) of each other.
  • Summer Challenge promotion runs from April 18th through August 31st , 2015 at 8am GMT
  • Challenge Group attendance must be confirmed by Monday at 8am GMT each week to count for previous week points.
  • Products Points must be used within 12 months of acquiring.