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The new and improved Vi-Net Swipe is finally here! Now you can help your Customers shop, enroll at lightning speed, perform seamless transactions, and boost your business wherever you and your smartphone go.

To kick things off, we’re giving you a chance to get your Swiper for FREE* in November! Click on the Promo tab for more info.


Simple - Personally enrolled Customers with cards on hand can shop the ViSalus™ catalog right from your own phone.

Fast - Skip the data entry and enjoy a more personal and engaging experience during enrollment and purchasing.

Secure - Vi-Net Swipe uses ROAM, which encrypts credit card data right at the hardware source, making it impossible to hack or steal any information.

Cool - The new Swipe is essentially an entire POS system right in your smartphone!

Step 1

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Upgrade to Vi-Net Swipe

Your account will be upgraded ViNet Swipe ($39/month). Rather than commissioning transactions, this $10 upgrade from Vi-Net Pro provides Promoters a flat fee that covers all banking and per transaction fees to accept swiped credit card payments. For more information on what's included with the Vi-Net Pro and Vi-Net Swipe subscriptions, please visit the Vi-Net Mobile page. Upgrade to Vi-Net Swipe

Step 2

Login to Vi-Net

Download Vi-Net Mobile from or the Apple, BlackBerry, Windows or Android app store. If you already have Vi-Net Mobile on your device, please update to the most current version of the application directly from your smartphone. For a list of compatible device, visit Open Vi-Net Mobile on your device. Log-in using your Vi-Net user and password. If you cannot remember your username or password, you can find it here.

Step 3

Swipe to Enroll or Shop

Plug in your Swiper to your device’s headphone jack once inside the ViNet application. Please turn your volume on high to enhance connectivity. You will be notified "Swiper Connected" when the device has paired.

Once you reach the swipe screen, swipe any Visa, Mastercard or American Express credit card with the magnetic strip facing the same direction as the Body by Vi logo on the Swiper equipment. An automated receipt will always be emailed after enrollment or shopping.

Limited Time FREE Swiper at Vitality

* If you are not able to pick up your Swiper from ViSalus Product Sales then we will mail you your Swiper for FREE.

How hard is it to install the Swiper?

Not hard at all! You simply need the most current version of the Vi-Net smart phone app, which you can download at Plug the Swiper into the aux connection port on your phone when you reach the enrollment page on your App, and with the magnetic strip facing the same direction as the Body by Vi logo on the device, swipe the card. The person's name, billing information and a suggested username will auto-populate.

What type of devices does the Swiper support?

For a list of compatible devices, please visit the official list.

What do I need to use the Swiper?

You will need a supported smart phone. If you have a compatible smart phone, you will need the most updated Vi-Net App. For the most recent version of Vi-Net Mobile, please visit Once the app is downloaded be sure to have the volume on your phone turned all the way up. As long as you Vi-Net account has been upgraded to the Vi-Net Pro + Swiper you should be ready to use the swiper. For step by step directions and a short video please follow this link

The swiper isn't populating the card information?

Please make sure you have the volume all the way up on the phone and make sure you have the most updated/current version of the Vi-Net smart phone app (agent to ensure Vi-Net Pro + swiper has been updated on Promoter account). Make sure the magnetic strip is facing forward (the same direction as the Body by Vi logo on the device). The person's name, billing information and a suggested username will auto-populate Please click on the link below (or offer URL to caller) for the smart phone devices that are currently compatible with your Swiper.

What type of Security does the Swiper have?

In addition to increasing the speed and convenience of new Promoter and Customer enrollment, the Swiper utilizes end-to-end encryption so your customer's sensitive information is never exposed.

Will my new enrollee get their website and product just as fast if they enrolled online?

Yes, Vi-Net Swipe Enrollment functions like Web Enrollment.

How do I use my Swiper to help one of my Promoters enroll someone?

Step 1: When entering the enroll process, click "Change" to select another Promoter.

Step 2: Enter the ViSalus ID of the new Enroller and continue the enrollment process as usual.

Who do I contact if I have any other questions?

Please contact the Support Team via email at or phone at 877-847-2587 Prompt #3.