Could it get any better than living the Vi Life and driving a BMW? Absolutely. Rudy and Shantelle Rojo took home the Active/Fitness Couple Challenge Champion title and were stunned by the wave of support and congratulations they received from their team and the Vi Community.

“It was an out-of-body experience for us,” says the couple. “Our experience on stage represented everything we’d worked so hard for alongside our team. We are so grateful to be recognized by the Vi Community.”

“Inspiring Our Team was the Greatest Reward”

After being on The Challenge for four years, Rudy and Shantelle were ready to push themselves harder than ever before. They decided to go out for the Challenge Champion title.

“After we won, we immediately congratulated our team,” says Shantelle, adding, “Inspiring our team was the greatest reward. And we set a standard with the win. Now there are Promoters on our team trying out for the Weight-Loss Challenge Champion title and even Vi Model.”

From the beginning Rudy and Shantelle were strong leaders, quickly working their way up to 1-Star Ambassador.

“Challenge Groups have played a major role in our recent success,” says Rudy. “Our team supports one another and really loves Challenge Group workouts and sampling.”

The Rojos hold a weekly walking and jogging Challenge Group at a local park. They also offer yoga and a higher intensity stair climbing group that does laps around the high school track and runs stadium steps.

Before & After

Before Vi and the Body by Vi Challenge, Rudy and Shantelle were junk foodies.

“We had gym memberships, but never went,” says the couple. “We had a desire to be healthy, but weren’t motivated until we realized The Challenge was a system we could follow and a lifestyle we could embrace.”

Once they did, the Rojos were unstoppable. Now they have a handle on healthy eating, are active at least three times a week and make use of those gym memberships. Some of the couple’s favorite Vi products include Vi-Shape®, Vi Crunch®, Vi-pak® and NEON Energy Drink®. Rudy walks and runs the equivalent of 10,000 steps a day on his pedometer and cycles as well. Shantelle works with a personal trainer and practices yoga.

Rudy lost 17 lbs. and built 13 lbs. of lean muscle while Shantelle lost 27 lbs. and built five pounds of muscle.

“We motivate one another,” says Shantelle. “The Challenge lifestyle is a commitment we take seriously. We hold each other accountable.”

Rudy and Shantelle’s commitment to healthier living has influenced the couple’s two teens, who regularly incorporate Vi-Shape Shakes into their respective diets.

“Our family is so much more aware of the kinds of choices we need to make daily about diet and exercise. We are happy to be better role models to our kids,” says the couple.