After losing a combined 143 lbs. over multiple Body by Vi Challenges, Weight-Loss Couple Challenge Champions Michael and K. Shane Boen took a leap of faith, rallied for votes and ultimately found themselves on stage at Vitality 2015 in Kansas City.

“We’ve been on The Challenge just over two years and the transformation has been nothing short of incredible,” says the couple.

Healthy Habits Over Comfort Food

Prior to joining Vi and promoting The Challenge, the Boens grappled with depression after both losing family members. Food became an immediate comfort and eventually an escape. Soon the Boens found themselves overweight. At the same time the couple struggled with unsuccessful fertility treatments before adopting their now 11-year-old son, Brandon.

“We’ve worked so hard to model good health, wellness and fitness to our son. Our lives are richer and we’ve instilled healthy habits. The legacy we’re creating now will last a lifetime,” says the couple.

Michael & K. Shane Boen

Challenge Groups Create Challenge Champs

This year Challenge Groups played a major role in Michael and K. Shane’s weekly exercise routine. The couple started walking their neighborhood together. Now they host walking Challenge Groups, drawing up to 25 people weekly for family friendly outdoor exercise.

Michael initially lost 40 lbs. over multiple Challenges and shaved off another 35 lbs. before competing with his wife for the Weight-Loss Couple Challenge Champion title at National Success Training (NST) in April 2015. He’s since added nearly 10 lbs. of lean muscle. He went from a size extra large to medium t-shirt and from a size 40 to 28 pant.

“We posted weekly photos over the course of our weight-loss transformations as a way to visually track our progress and share results with the Vi Community,” says Michael, adding, “I am so proud of our results.”

A typical day for the Champ starts with a Vi-Shape® Shake or Nutra-Cookie®, usually before a workout. Michael takes a shot of ViSalus GO® or sips ViSalus PRO® during his workout and finishes with a second shake post workout. Eating small, nutritious Vi meals, drinks and snacks along with lean meats, vegetables and grains six to eight times a day helps keep Michael satiated and energized from dawn to dusk.

Shane maintained a 30-lb. weight-loss for a year then dropped another 38 lbs. over multiple Challenges. She went from a 38 DD bra size to a 34 C. K. Shane additionally won a local beauty pageant title and competes for the state title next spring. Beyond walking, she incorporates running, Zumba, light weight training and now cross fit into her fitness regimen. K. Shane is also a certified nutritionist and offers free consultations to Customers as a means to introduce Vi products, promote a balanced diet and model healthy living.

She enjoys the Fit Kit, which supports her active/fitness goals. Meal prep additionally helps K. Shane manage cravings so she makes healthy food choices throughout the week. She typically drinks two Vi-Shape Shakes daily, but alternately swaps her breakfast shake out with Vi Crunch® with almond milk. Snack choices include our new Peanut Butter & Jelly Nutra-Bar® or nonfat Greek yogurt with blueberries.

“I love Vi-Shape for it’s great taste, nutritional profile and versatility,” says K. Shane. “My favorite is our creamsicle shake with fresh mango. It’s especially refreshing during the hot, summer months.”

“We’re a Product of the Product”

Michael and K. Shane  both agree, beyond healthy living the two want to inspire others with their story and results.

“The Vi Community supported us throughout our weight-loss,” says Michael, adding, “Competing for the Challenge Champion title gave us the opportunity to share what we went through to get to where we are today. We’re a product of the product and so grateful for this platform—we hope our reach extends beyond our team and customers across the global Vi Community.”