Silvio’s story is one that many of us can relate to. At 308lbs, struggling with his health and self-image, Silvio knew he had to get his weight on track but he lacked the guidance and support to get there. Today, Silvio is one of our June Finalists who found a healthy lifestyle, confidence, and renewed purpose through the Body by Vi 90-Day Challenge!

“My healthy weight is finally within reach! This has been my dream for over 10 years!” – Silvio Lentini, Body by Vi Challenge Champion

Frustrated and Fed Up

Silvio tried every diet in the book. He’d seen numerous dietitians and nutritionists but he wasn’t thrilled about their complicated, strict requirements that didn’t fit with his lifestyle. Over time he would spend more and more time on the couch, growing increasingly sluggish and out of shape every day.

Silvio has been where many of us have been. He’d start a program hoping to lose weight but he’d lose his motivation before he even began. The lack of support paired with difficult diet and fitness plans left Silvio feeling defeated. At the end of every diet and program he’d finish where he started–without losing a single pound.

“I knew I had to do something because I was over 300 pounds. I had breathing problems during the night, chronic fatigue and I was reluctant to do any kind of physical activity,” he says.

Setting Goals

Despite his failing health and weight issues, Silvio never lost sight of his dreams. Silvio wanted the simple things in life that so many people take for granted. Long walks, better nutrition, better breathing at night and tackling his chronic fatigue were just the start of his goals. He knew he had to get his weight under control if he wanted an active, healthy life, but he lacked the guidance and support to get there.

“My initial goal for the Challenge was to lose 45 pounds in 90 days. I wanted to wear clothes that I hadn’t worn in a long time…. I also wanted to find joy and positivity in life.”

With the guidance and help from the Vi community, Silvio decided to start his first 90-Day Challenge.

Crushing It!

At the start of the Challenge, Silvio was skeptical and doubtful of how he would ever achieve his initial goal. He worried about the Challenge being like every other program that he had failed at. He was convinced that he’d have to be hungry all the time with very little energy to meet his goals. Silvio may not have had faith in the Challenge but the Vi community had his back every step of the way.

“I never encountered obstacles. I had a great time right away and I didn’t have any difficult moments. I followed the instructions and relied on the valuable advice from the community.”

By the end of the Challenge, Silvio not only crushed his goal—he also lost an additional 20 pounds! With the help of the healthy breakfast cereals in the morning, Vi-Shape shakes for lunch and dinner, and filling Nutra-Cookies for snacks between meals, he never felt hungry and always felt energized during the day.

A Skeptic Learns Self Love

Throughout the 90-Day Challenge Silvio lost the weight and he also gained a renewed sense of self-worth and self-love! The support of the Vi Community helped Silvio realize that his condition was not hopeless. He learned that he could change his life and find the happiness he had longed for.

This Challenge wasn’t just about weight loss; it was about self-discovery, crushing limiting beliefs and chasing dreams. Through the support of the Vi community Silvio also learned that he wanted to use his experiences to help other people who want to lose weight.

“I am a living example of the fact that Vi is the number one platform in the world for weight loss! After completing the Challenge I increased my self-esteem. I learned to discipline myself. I realized that I am able to change the negative things in my life.”

Silvio is an example of how far you can go if you believe in yourself and surround yourself with a community who will motivate and guide you along the way. We can’t wait to see where Silvio’s new lifestyle takes him! We know he’s going to soar in his next Challenge!


Disclaimer: Results may vary based on each individual’s physical health, diet and exercise. The weight-loss results described in testimonials or photos are not typical for every individual. These pictures are used by Vi exactly as they were received by the participants and Vi verifies their truthfulness and reliability. A healthy and active lifestyle, a healthy, varied and balanced diet, and a safe reduction in daily caloric intake compared to daily energy expenditure are always necessary to obtain healthy and stable weight loss.