Congratulations to our Body by Vi 90 Challenge Champion Finalists for the month of June!

The results are in and we have announced the June Finalists of the Body by Vi Challenge, Daniel Krieger and Dolores del Carmen Carsi Hadad. They each will receive $500 cash and 500 Vi Points that they can use to purchase their favorite Vi Products. Read below to learn more about their Challenge stories in their own words.

Dolores del Carmen Carsi Haddad

Lost 7 lbs. & 6% Body Fat

Body by Vi became part of my life when I decided to make a change. I’m a mother of two small children: one 8-year-old boy and an almost-3-year-old girl. I’m an athlete as a hobby. I really like Brazilian jiu-jitsu. I’ve been practicing for almost 5 years.

When my daughter turned 10 months old in April 2016, I decided to get back to the competition mat.

As a mother and a woman, it is difficult to go back after giving birth. It takes more work because the center of the body (abdomen) is weakened by Caesarean section (my third). At the time, I attended several camps and competed in 13 tournaments until May 2017, when I decided to take a break. I still trained but not enough to compete.

Body by Vi came into my life in February, and on the 24th. I realized I had less energy and had gained fat and weight. I decided to give myself the opportunity and give it a try.

After completing my Challenge I’ve already surpassed my weight goal to get back to the competition mat.

As an athlete and a mother, I suggest that you give yourself an opportunity with this Challenge and transform your life and the lives of the people around you.

Join the 90-Day Challenge. If I can do it, YOU can do it.

Daniel Krieger

Lost 36 lbs. & 7% Body Fat

I started my weight loss journey just above 200 lbs. and lost over 60 lbs. initially. I weighed in at 140 which was to thin but wanted to build back up. Today I weigh in at 164 lbs.

90 Days ago I began a new journey to eat more food and build some muscle. I’m pleased with the results after 90 days so far.

My goal is to do a boudoir photo shoot in the summer and so last week we slowly began to start cutting and lose some fat to have all the hard work show.

My problem area and the one spot i have never been comfortable with and always insecure is my stomach. I want a six pack for the first time ever. I guess its my midlife crisis. LOL

Its still a long journey but Im excited to see where I end up. I’m happy of how far i’ve come but there are way bigger goals still in mind. This is just a stepping stone.

Thanks for everyone that has supported me and continue to support me on my journey. I will for always be grateful for VI for getting me started on the right track. #vicommit