Five-time world karate champion Bryce Marchington is in the best shape of his life at 40 years old thanks to Vi and the Body by Vi Challenge.

“Before Vi I had difficulty keeping up with the amount of meals my body needed for optimal fitness,” says Bryce, adding, “The Challenge keeps me focused and on track and Vi-Shape fuels my workouts.”

Bryce tried various protein products prior to Vi. Nothing stuck.

“I’ve always been an athlete and in great shape,” says Bryce. “But The Challenge and Vi products have helped me take my fitness to the next level.”

After 30 years of practicing karate (he was a black belt at age 10!), Bryce finally had to undergo corrective surgery on his right knee. The surgery set Bryce back in terms of his activity level. Out of shape at 199 lbs, Bryce realized it was time to rethink exercise and diet.

The Challenge and Vi-Shape® were instrumental in helping Bryce get back on track with a solid fitness regimen and balanced diet. He dropped 31 lbs. and went from 19% to 5.6% body fat over multiple Challenges.

“It’s great tasting, nutritious Vi products like Vi-Shape, ViSalus NEURO and now NEON Energy Drink that help me move like I did when I was 20,” laughs Bryce, who is competing again in the world karate circuit.

Bryce Marchington & NEON Energy Drink