For Vi Model Peter Golik, family is everything. “I’m the youngest son to hardworking Polish immigrants,” says Peter, adding, “My parents scarified everything to provide a better life for my siblings and me, and they were my motivation from day one. Not only did the Body by Vi Challenge help me achieve important fitness goals, but it offered me a platform to make my parents proud.”

Fast Track to Life, Health & Prosperity

Peter hit the gym with the strong work ethic and pride his parents instilled in him, recognizing that for him, disciplining his body while on The Challenge could serve as a means to inspire others in the Vi Community. His goal while on The Challenge was to drop 20 lbs. of fat and build 10 lbs. of muscle. By the end of his first Challenge he’d dropped the 20 lbs. from 235 lbs. and gotten down to 3% body fat.

From a business standpoints, Peter hit the ground running. Nick Sarnicola recognized his potential and personally mentored him along with Aaron Fortner. Within Peter’s first week as a Body by Vi Promoter he became a Rising Star triple points earner and had made Regional Director in just 32 days.

Weighing In

It was one of Peter’s older brothers who introduced him to body building at the age of 16. Peter started lifting and by age 21 had completely immersed himself in the body building circuit. Peter’s clear passion for health and fitness guided his strict diet and exercise routine.

Vi and the Body by Vi Challenge were a perfect fit for Peter’s already healthy lifestyle. Peter started out on Vi Shape® and Vi Crunch® before becoming a Body by Vi Promoter early last summer and getting on the Fit Kit and later the Fuel Kit. The former provided Peter with everything he needed for optimal athletic performance and endurance with protein, prebiotic and antioxidant support. With two Vi-Shape® Shakes a day plus Nutra-Cookies for smart snacking and ViSalus GO® and ViSalus PRO® for energy, the Fit Kit supported Peter’s fitness goals early on. The Fuel Kit came into play later during Peter’s first Challenge as he bulked up.

“The best thing about the Fuel Kit is that it sustains me. Based on my training schedule and criteria for body building, I eat every two to three hours,” says Peter, adding, “Vi products are a perfect fit for my lifestyle because they provide complete nutrition and help me manage my portions.”

Vi-Shape and Vi Crunch are staples for Peter. He starts and ends his day with nutrition packed Vi-Shape Shakes. Healthy meals and snacks throughout the day include eight to 10-ounce portions of chicken, ground turkey and salmon; complex carbs like oatmeal and brown rice and fruit and raw veggies.

Peter Golik Vi Model

Competitive Edge

As you can imagine, the life of a body builder is intense. Peter entered his first body building competition at age 23, qualified for nationals and won the title for his weight class. Now 25 years old and fitter than ever, Peter is actively prepping for his next show. It’s a three to four month process and he goes up against between 50 and 60 male competitors ranging from their teens to 60s, with the largest competitive population in their 20s and 30s.

Peter is in the gym five to six times a week. Workouts primarily focus on lifting and body building for up to three hours daily along with cardio.

“I love being competitive on stage, working the crowd, entertaining,” says Peter. “I love speaking and being in the public eye. The Vi Model title only increases my exposure and reach. I hope my passionate and dedication to fitness helps motivate others in the Vi Community and beyond.”