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It took Challenge Champion Weight-Loss Female Raven Nicholson 17 months and multiple Challenges to cross the 100-lb. Club threshold. When she did everything changed. Here’s her story.

Full Body Transformation

“Before The Challenge I was an unhealthy mom of three young kids,” says Raven, “The Challenge helped me lose 101 lbs, changed my life and inspired the confidence I needed to be a model of health for my kids.”

Raven was overweight in high school, entering the ninth grade as a size 10. By the time Raven reached her 20s she was a size 20 wearing maternity pants.

“I didn’t even try because I didn’t want to fail,” says Raven about losing weight. “I never imagined I could lose any amount of weight and keep it off. I said ‘no’ to The Challenge for a long time before one day I finally gave in. That started me on a months-long weight-loss journey that led to the Challenge Champion title in my category.”

Following The Challenge model taught Raven how to make healthy food choices and manage her activity level. She gained confidence, strength and the desire to share her story in the hopes of inspiring others to take back control over their lives and tip the scales more favorably.

Raven Nicholson Weight-Loss

What’s Next

“Now that I’ve lost 101 lbs, my goal is to build lean muscle and maintain a healthy lifestyle,” says Raven.

Favorite Vi products include Vi Shape®, Vi Crunch®, ViSalus GO®, NEON Energy Drink® and more. She promotes her love of our nutritious products via social media along with fitness updates and posts congratulating new team members for accepting The Challenge.

“Social media has been a great way for me to manage and grow my business,” says Raven. “I’m also an active member of Team Vi Hope, a group of Promoters who have lost 100-lbs. or more, or whose goal it is to lose 50 lbs. or more and keep off the weight. We share success stories, inspire goal setting and hold one another accountable on weekly calls, and encourage one another via social media.”

As a busy mom to a three-, five- and seven-year-old, Raven is no stranger to multitasking—on social media and in real life. Her Vi business not only strengthens her support network and keeps her on track with health and fitness goals, but also helps her provide for her family.