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Learn Why Millions Have Already Accepted the 90-Day Challenge

We believe in a proven formula, not a “magic pill” to lose weight, get healthy and feel great. It’s why we’ve already inspired more than 3 million transformations, given away over $100 million in prizes, and served ½ billion shakes (and counting!) to become the #1 Challenge transformation platform in the world.

And we do so by keeping it simple – with the right products, prizes and support – through the Body by Vi 90-Day Challenge.

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The road to a healthy lifestyle starts with being smart about what you eat. That’s why we’ve designed a complete product line of healthy meals, drinks, snacks & supplements that offer affordable, convenient and delicious nutrition for any weight-loss or fitness goal. Simply select a Challenge Kit or choose à la carte … and we’ll ship the products directly to your doorstep.


Real People, Real Results, Real Stories

At Body by Vi, we celebrate transformation stories of real people with real results. Here are their stories…

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Vi is a global healthy lifestyle company founded in 2005 and most known for innovating the wildly successful Body by Vi Challenge, the world’s first Challenge marketing platform.

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