Hey Beautiful People,
We’re really excited. We have some special news to share with you today! 

Announcing Your 2018 Body by Vi Challenge Champions!

First, we want to thank all of our wonderful contestants for taking up The Challenge throughout the whole year. We admire your belief and commitment to transform your life. Indeed, all of you truly live and embody the Body by Vi mission and principles of Life, Health & Prosperity! Our Contestants had so many amazing stories that we were overwhelmed with emotion, admiration, and belief in the human spirit to overcome and achieve anything! 
But of course, all competitions must have a winner. So watch President and Co-Founder Blake Mallen reveal the 2018 Body by Vi Challenge Champions in this exclusive video

Learn More About the Winners (as revealed on stage at Italy’s Vitalia and Mexico’s Pre-Lanzamiento)

Category: North America (Male) | Winner: Preston Taylor

Preston Taylor. North American Male Body by Vi Challenge Champion

Knowing diabetes and heart disease run in his family, Preston decided to change his lifestyle. He made his first Vi purchase in January 2017 and started his fitness journey. Since then, Preston has completed a total of 3 Challenges, losing 49 lbs. in his latest Challenge, and over 100 lbs. overall!

Category: North America (Female) | Winner: Leynette Rubio Gil

Leynette Rubio Gil. North American Female Body by Vi Challenge Champion

Leynette started taking the Vi-Shape Shakes and immediately noticed she had more energy, better digestion, and even weight loss. This came as a pleasant surprise to Leynette, who for 14 years has struggled against an autoimmune disease that has caused her chronic fatigue. 

Category: Europe (Male) | Winner: Marco Marchi

Marco Marchi. European Male Body by Vi Challenge Champion 2018

Like many of us, Marco tried multiple ways to lose weight, including various diets, ketogenic feeding (feeding through a gastric nose tube), and even gastric band surgery in 2007. In 6 months of using Vi Products and taking up the Challenge, Marco is well on his way to  his former professional football-playing shape!

Category: Europe (Female) | Winner: Paola Torri

Paola Torri. European Female Body by Vi Challenge Champion 2018

Paola was initially skeptical of Vi because she’d tried various programs and none of them worked for her. Paola lost 77 lbs. during her first Body by Vi Challenge. Seeing the results, Paola then set herself the personal goal of losing a total of 200 lbs. We’re happy to say she is well on her way!
From us at Vi, congratulations again to all of our Contestants, Finalists, and Winners! We look forward to what’s next and leave you with this:

Are YOU ready for the Challenge? 




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