Hey Beautiful People! Glad you stopped by—we’ve some really great news for you.

Announcing Our New Challenge Champion Contest!

And you know what?
YOU get to vote for the next Champion! With great power comes great responsibility ?
We’ve rounded up all our Monthly Finalists (there are so many good ones) and they have humbled and inspired us with their stories. Seriously, some of their stories nearly brought us to tears, and others infused us with determination.
We have our favorites, but we are opening it up for YOU to vote for the Winner(s) on Instagram.
The Winner from each category will be awarded a prize package valued at $10,000. They’ve all worked very hard and their fate is in your hands, so choose wisely!

Voting Rules

  • Voting opens Wednesday 10/3 and closes Sunday 10/7
  • Follow Vi on Instagram: @Visalus
  • You cannot vote on desktop–mobile only (smartphone or tablet)
  • You can send the Story to other people to vote via Instagram. In fact, we encourage it
  • You can only vote once; you cannot change your vote once made

Voting Instructions

Note: Click here to see a video tutorial on “How to Vote for Challenge Champions.”
  • Log on to Instagram: make sure you’re following @Visalus
  • Visit the Vi Profile: @Visalus
  • Look for the Green “BBVi Vote” Circle Icon and click into it
  • There are (4) categories to Vote on
    • North America: Female
    • North America: Male
    • Europe: Female
    • Europe: Male
  • To Vote, slide the star to the right—the bigger the star, the better the score!
Happy Voting!