Wherever we go, we find people of all walks taking the Body by Vi Challenge. And we’re always excited! At airports. In grocery stores. On football fields. The list goes on.

Occasionally, we’ll see Challenge success stories or Promoters featured in local news segments—and we literally do chest bumps and cartwheels!

Recently we were watching the great Dr. Oz talk about the benefits of planking—when he invited viewers to Tweet their best photos.

And then it happened. There on the screen was an image of a 3-man tier plank. And Dr. Oz was planking in front of it.


Congratulations to BaharAnooshahr (top), Body by Vi Promoter Trisha Waun (middle), and Body by Vi Promoter Wendy Hanson (bottom) for their stellar 3-(wo)man tier plank that made its way via Twitter to the Dr. Oz Show.

So proud of you, ladies!

Special thanks and a big shout out to Vi Director and Lead Personal Trainer at Monroe North Fitness Center Jolie Mosser for hooking us up with this awesome image.